Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What is true in this land of ours?
Have you thought about this?
Is the peace that we claim to have, real?
Is the love we claim to have for our Muslim, Tamil and Sinhala brothers true?
Is the hand that reaches out to help, doing so with ulterior motives or not? Is the reign of terror over? Are the people of this nation free to talk, free to walk and free to think?
Are the screams for justice real or are they just a mask or a voice for the season?
Which of these are true?

Today I came across pictures of people whose lives have been affected by the war which ended a few months ago. Each of them are those who have lost something because of the war. What I saw, what I see is … beyond words. What I feel within me… is not easy to put to words.

I sit here writing this, as many of my brothers and sisters are living in tents,
surrounded at times by their own waste.
I write this as mothers beat their breasts for children who have died or gone missing.
I write this as fathers walk the breath of the camps looking for their daughters.
I write this as millions lay in unmarked graves.
I write this as thousands upon thousands have vanished from this island.

What is true in this island?
Is the development that has boomed going to bring good lives to us all?
Are the people in the north and the east going to have new lives again?
Are they going to get houses to live in?
Will the camps close down?
Will people return home?

I am alive and I am citizen of this nation. That is true.
I believe in equality. That is true.
I believe in standing up for those who are been trodden upon
and standing up for those who have been silenced. That is true.

There is an anger that is brewing within me right now
An anger that I cannot completely explain
But I know what fires it
I know what birthed it
Sacrifice of the innocent
By lies and deceit
By abuse and rape
By injustice and power hungry souls

There are many like me in this nation.
Many, who want to give to those who have lost all,
give to those who see no hope. That is true.
Many who have the eager in their hearts to serve this country
To bring this country in a life time of true, pure peace
There are people
There are voices
There are hands willing to work and feet willing to walk the talk,
I hope that is true