Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Anonymous said...

"A few months back
The world seemed so perfect
Everything in place
With everyone around

I’m constantly reminded
My world has stumbled
And left me shaken, to realize
The world as I knew has come to an end."

Excerted from The Smile Dec 2004... I think u've seen this poem I wrote...and here again I'm quoting 2 verses.

The family we knew is changed that's for sure! Christmas dinner will never be the same again..I infact shied away from xmas 2004 escaped to islamabad...that's not how everyone else dealt with it...they did better but that doesn't matter. Though I went away while everyone had to adjust to new circumstances I am a tightly fit part of xmas dinner every year since and before in this family. They are always're right family gets taken for granted ...probably b'cos we know very well unlike in any other relationship..friends , colleagues ,acquaintances stays.

Though everyone can become a parent doesn't mean everyone knows to be one. Marmi was indeed special in knowing that. I'm afraid though I can relate your dilemma about your origins I don't claim I understand your situation as much as you. Love is not tied to blood as you've experienced with Thaththi. As far as love of a family goes u and I we've both shared the same. A father who absolutely adored you and a mother who's life is you.
We may pursue different paths carry different views ...but our history is shared from a childhood bond of having belonged to the same family...that is not just monumental nor is that tied in blood...Family is simply tied in the acceptance of eachother as such which is how I've seen everyone in the family ..that is caste in stone and made in heaven.Well Joeseph was never Jesus' biological father ... he had a family on earth and his life was knit in love on earth in his own family .

I will always listen and even though we may harbour different opinions ..that makes no difference to the fact that you are family and my kid cousin..that I promise is caste in stone.