Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

She touched his cold face
He wasn’t smiling anymore
Everyone around him held their heads down
No one said anything

She touched his hands
Hands that once tossed her in the air
And caught her again
Hands that he trusted no matter what
But they didn’t move to take her hands in his

“Thatha” she called out
“Thatha” she called again
But he didn’t answer

Why wasn’t he moving
Why did he say anything
Had she done something wrong
Was that why he wasn’t saying thing’ she thought

She looked to her mother
She had tears in her eyes
She looked to her brother
He just sat there, but didn’t speak
Why were they behaving like this

She shook her father
He was stiff
He felt cold to the touch
He didn’t say anything

The coffin shook
People came towards her
They moved her away
She cried, she tried to slip from their grip
But they were too strong

A large wooden lid was put over his
She didn’t understand
Why were they doing that
Why where they covering him
Why wasn’t he saying anything
Men carried him away
She never saw him again

Look upon the children of this nation
Do you see their weeping faces
They may not be your own blood
But they are still your children
Every hand that reaches out for a piece of bread
Every hand that reaches out for a hug
Is our responsibility
If we do not reach out to our own children Who will?
If this generation fades away
Who will take this nation forward
This generation is one built on orphans
Built on disabled
Yet being and orphan or a disabled person Dosnt change anything
They are still our children
They are still OUR children
Are we ready to take on this responcibility
Are we ready to reach out to our children?

I am
Are you

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Surrounded by beauties untold
With the sound of music glorifying, exulting
He kneels

Heavenly beings surround
meness incomparable
Amidst it all
He kneels

Holiness abounding
Sinless, the spotless lamb
He kneels

Nail pierced hands
Clasped in prayer
He kneels

Tears role down
His beautiful face
He kneels

Deep from his heart
He cries to the Father
A cry for every sinner
He kneels

He kneels in prayer
For each one of us
His children
He kneels

The Son of God
The Lamb that was crucified
For us
He kneels
To intercede
For us
He kneels