Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Andrea said...

The poem is very beautifully written, and it brings tears to my eyes.

We never know what a day holds. Just the morning, my husband and I were informed of the sudden death of a friend.

Our peace, our hope, our rock is God. Without hope in Him, we would faint, would fall, would fail.

Thank you, dear friend, for sharing and for moving us toward soul faith.



Anonymous said...

I do recall as if yesterday word to word September 2004. I could not handle uncertainity went straight into the ICU knowing very well I was going to be the news carrier and spoke to the house doctor. Before breaking the news he asked me who I was and I replied his niece. I saw it too his chest rising and dropping and infact out of desperation asked the doctor how it could be.I couldn't walk out with the same boldness to break the most difficult and shattering news to his little girl.
I cannot even begin to compare the loss you suffered to mine. One thing for sure I have always since wondered what marmi would say or feel saddened to think what he would have felt to see you and nandi through rough tides.
He was undoubtedly the uncle I've been absolutely fond of and I have never seen such genuine love pour out. If that is not what god's love is I do not know what else it could be. Well he lived it and certainly helped me heal by keeping his spirit alive in my heart. We all grew up knowing it and just stop a minute to always reflect on what he would've said. Probably might help you heal also...I've no right to even suggest but hope against hope it would help.