Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are we strong enough to let go of those whom we love

Will you give to God, your child, your little five years old

Do you have the strength to give away and let go

If the Lord calls upon her today

Are we strong enough to take a step back and let God take control

Will you give to the Lord your lover, the love of your life

If the Lord calls, are you willing to let go

Are we those who have the faith that is needed to move forward

Will you be assured that they are now in the hands of the Lord

Will your heart rejoice though not with you, they smile with God

Or will your heart be beyond healing

The Lord knows and He understand

For we all belong to the Lord

He gives, he takes away

Are we ready to let go if the Lord calls tonight

If He takes your loved one, will you still say,

Blessed be Your name my Lord

Blessed be Your name