Friday, October 23, 2009

It is differences that bring us together isn’t it
Difference of opinion
Difference in trends of thought and view
If we were all the same
What a boring place that would be
Thank you, once again for your worlds.
Yes we are tied by acceptance
But more over I believe
By the love we share for one another
And the love we both share for one very special uncle and father

We haven’t exchanged many thoughts in the past have we
We, well I have drifted away
I am not that good in sharing what is in my heart
For I fear many things
Rejection is one
Pain is another
Yet as you can see
Penning them down is an easier way to express my thoughts
An easier way to pour my heart out

I have found release in the poems I write
For in each line, in each word is something I feel
Yet cannot say
Something I know lies within my
But I am not brave to say

Thank you for a castle to cling to
A castle not of sand but of stone


Anonymous said...

People have different ways of expression...if you prefer to pen them down that's fine. Any form of expression of the deep sentiments and issues you have is brave and very brave.If this is your preferred form of communication I will fully respect. You can always decide to talk if and when you feel comfortable...take your time.

To recognize personal issues and want to resolve them is definitely a sign of strength.I'm at a loss of words in responding to your fear of rejection. This family has accepted you with open arms and warm hearts. Now that you are entering a new and a very important stage of your life soon you feel the need to recnocile with your past ? Maybe mend/strengthen immediate family bonds...I am not trying to impose anything...I will fully respect your wishes.
Though you feel u drifted ,it shows strnegth of character to be able to open up through this blog. One things for sure you have the courage and the strength to take of from where you've left off.