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She is five years old
She moves as fast as her legs would carry her
In her hands she carries food cartons
One too many
She makes her first stop at a tall building
She walks to the reception
Though treated with harsh words
She stands their till the owner of this food carton comes down
She stands patiently
She stands worrying that she would be late for the others
Finally he comes
Smartly dressed, a young man hailing from an upper class family
She smiles as she sees him
Yet all he returns is a glare
Grabbing the carton he turns and walks away
She turns sadly and walks out of the building
This is her life, she tells her self
No smiles does she receive
But plenty she gives
This is her life and will be, she thinks to herself
Her thoughts are broken by the cartons she sees in her hands
Within minutes she is off again
Moving as fast as her feet would take her

The sun beats down on the rocky ground
In a corner of this stony desert is a little boy
He is ten years old
But his hands do work that men many more years older than him do
In his hands is a hammer
And from the other he holds a large bolder
He hits the bolder
A small chip falls off
He collects it and moves it into the basket he has beside him
He returns to the bolder
Now wet with his sweat
He continues to hammer

Carrying the moth ball packets
He walks down busy highways
Each packet just five rupees
But today he hasn’t made enough to get his lunch
Not enough to even afford a cup of plain tea
People pass by eating and drinking
But he still remains hungry
Will anyone share with me, he wonders
But he knows very well
That will not happen
He continues
Moving a bit slower
He sees a little water puddle
A puppy slurps to quench its thirst
He kneels beside the pup, and scoops a bit of dirty muddy water
Into his hands
The pup moves a little to a side
As to give him room
They share the water
They leave the little water puddle together
New friends
With his new four legged pall by his side
He sells moth ball packets
Each packet just five rupees

Night falls
And one corner of the city
In a dump yard a light shines
Three small figures huddle together
Beside a small fire
A days work is done
Not much collected
But enough to buy a small loaf of bread
A company of three is now four
As the little puppy runs into the arms of his new friend
Huddled together they all share the meal
Hugging each other with the puppy between them
They sleep

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One morning I took a walk
The sun was just rising up
A cool breeze wrapped around me
I breathed in the fresh new air of the morning
I walked upon newly fallen leaves
That decorated my path
The scenes around me were clothed in gold
Golden rays of the rising sun
There were still waters beside me
There was my reflection
A clear, still image
I smiled to my self as I kept walking
The night lights had given way for the breaking morn
All the birds seem to have woken along with me
For around me they were singing
Beautiful songs of praise
Of morning praise to our Maker
The trees seem to sway to the beat
Their branches reaching out to the heavens
Little did I know I had stumbled upon
A service of praise
A morning service of praise
To God, the Creator of us all
So as I walked I joined in song
To the Lord in thanks
For creating this all

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3 Amazing Years

Yesterday was a special day for me and my fiancé. We have been together now for 3 years. 3 wonderful years of love, trust, commitment and companionship. 3 years in which I have learnt more about faith in God through him. And next year January we will be united as husband and wife.

It excites me to look forward to the future. It excites me because God has worked wonders in my life and his and it is an adventure hand in hand with our Lord. And I cannot wait to enter a new year, a new side of life with my love and with my God.

Looking back I have many, many things to thank my Lord about. I want to thank Him, because He did not give up on me. I want to thank Him because, He HAS a plan. I want to thank Him because He has blessed me with an amazing partner. I want to thank Him because He has taught me, through my fiancé about unwavering faith and hope.

I Corinthians 13 is one of my favorite verses. It brings to light what Love is all about. I treasure this “Love factor”. Love is God given and we are called to share it. Love helps us grow. It may bring us pain at times, but still it is a pure thought. For me, Love is very, very important. Love that is real and honest. This I continue to receive from God and I continue to receive from my husband-to-be. Love has never failed us. Romans 12:9,10 reads;“Don't just pretend that you love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Stand on the side of the good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other”. Love and honor go hand in hand. You cannot love someone without respecting them and honoring them.

Our relationship with God is like a triangle. I, my finace and our God are always connected. If one of us, if one of the sides of the triangle get weak, there are two others, two other sides to help raise the fallen.

I thank the Lord for these amazing 3 years and I thank Him because our future is secure; our futures are in His hand and led by His love. Troubles may come, but through His grace and His presence, we will overcome.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009