Friday, June 19, 2009

As the world watches
A small nation crouches in shame
Its history rich and radiant
Its present tainted
Within its black, darkened boundaries lay untold, unspoken horrors
Men with blood on their hands, rule over the innocent
Women and children victims of lost innocents
Evil beyond comprehension
Beyond the understand of even the most educated
Lies upon lies
Betrayal upon betrayals
Gut retching, stomach turning atrocities
Yet we are silent
Silent because of fear and concern for ones self and family
Those brave enough to speak, now lay 6 feet under
Bravery and outspokenness here and now is a death sentence
Voices are always raised in anger
Guns are always ready to shoot
The humble have no place here
Those seeking justice have no place here
Those seeking true peace have no place here


Joby Abrham said...

frnd, well written... but which nation r u talking abt? is it Srilanka? there r many nations do suffer in the same way from the mighty ones.... good luck go on putting down ur feelings and veiws here, which will help others to recall the realities of every day life and reflect over it. thanx.