Monday, November 9, 2009

The Day has Ended

The day has ended
It has been another of sadness
More children join the streets
Beautiful girls sell themselves to earn just another slice of bread
Men drink away their earnings and their sorrows
Mothers give birth to more children with no hope of sustaining them

The day has ended
It has been another of loveless existence
Families break apart
Leaving children confused
Young couples go at it
Fists and words
Little ones look on
Their parents look on in disbelief
Poor stand neglected
Homeless sit on the street edge

The day has ended
It has been one of bloodshed
More shells
More homes
No more lives
Toys littler the ground where once a pre-school stood
Broken beds and saline tubes lay
Where once a hospital stood

I saw her tears
I saw the golden drops of the sun join the ocean
The ocean filled with human tears
She feels it
She knows it
But one day there will be no tears
There will be no more left
Will she appear to us then
What would she do
Will she still have one more golden tear drop left
To shed for this beautiful nation