Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chants of victory thunder across the nation
Salutations to those who fought for freedom airs on every channel
People dance in the streets
There is joy and rejoicing in a scale that this nation has not witnessed before

In the north a little child looks out of his temporary shelter
Fear embedded deep in his eyes
He does not hear the song of victory
He cannot understand the smiles on faces around him
All he knows is terror

Chants growing, joy overflowing

Sitting on the sand
She thinks
She wonders
Where is my father
Where is my mother
Unknown to her
They lie in a mass grave a few feet away from her
She was too small to know
She didn’t see
A stray bomb had taken her parents away by night
Now she sits in front of a home that is not hers
She now stays with strangers
Yet she has no complete understanding of the world around her
She doesn’t hear the songs of victory

Milk pours out of newly brought clay pots
Signifying a new beginning, celebrations

A brother holds the hand of his little sister
She is all he has in the world right now
Separated from parents as they ran for shelter from the sound of guns
She is all he has
But tears stream down his face as he gazes into her eyes
She is his world
She is family
But still tears flow from his eyes
She is a cripple
A land mine claimed both her legs
In tears he whispers in her ears
“I will always be with you,
I will carry you through life”
Songs of victory are not heard in the ears of lost innocence


Thousands of children lay in camps. They sleep on hard ground, most of the time next to strangers. They have no shade, no water enough to quench their parched throats. These little ones do not hear the victory cries. They do not understand it. They do not hear them in their hearts. For these generations know only war and loss. They live in darkness. Look into their eyes and you will see, hurt, betrayal, loneliness and loss. Sadly, so many of them are far too young to grasp the realities that life has placed before them. As a nation unites, we must not forget that the task is not finished. There are so may out there who need help, so many who need love.

A nations future is in the hands of these little ones.

Let us build a "Smiling Generation".

Let us wipe away their tears.

Is no one listening to the cries of our children?
Is no one listening to their pleas?
A generation that is lost
A generation that is orphaned
Does anyone hear their cry?
Are YOU willing to hear their cry?