Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I saw the happiness when arm in arm you traveled
I witnessed the excitement in your eyes
As there hand in hand
Was what your heart had longed for
I shared that joy with you
I was happy for you
I knew your heart was happy too
Then the days darkened
And the shine on your face was no more
Darkness, confusion, loss and pain
No longer did that joy exist
I saw each tear you cried
As through the valley of pain you traveled
I saw how things tore you apart
I saw how words said and not said
Where like a knife to your heart
But I saw you come through it
And I see how God has led you
I have prayed right through
For you my dearest friend
And God has shown
His goodness and His love to you
In ways that cannot be put to words
For that I praise Him today
That smile is back
That spark is back
That skip in life is back
My heart rejoices because you are happy
I know there will be tears
And I know there will be times of fear
But we can go through it together
Friendship is a lasting bond
Friends are angels without wings
There for one another through all times
You have comforted and encouraged me many a times
And I for you
And for the rest of our lives
We will stand together
A friendship
Sisters forever